Hickory Wood Chunks

Our Hickory Chunks are larger in size, about 3" square to burn longer for larger custom smokers, barrel smokers, and grills. These chunks can work well in larger Weber`s and porcelain grills also. Our equally even sized chunks burn more even and predictable for consistent cooking letting you produce a gourmet meal every time.

Packaged in a 12"x12"x18" Box.

Total Weight will be 50+lbs.

All our wood products are heat treated to prevent mold bringing you a worry free product.


UPS and FedEx worked together in lower the weight limits of large packages from 70 lbs to 50 lbs. At the same time, they doubled the cost of the fee for large packages. This near $25 increase is directly reflected into the price on these products. It is cheaper for you to order 2 of our 12x12x12 boxes instead of the 18x12x12 cases. If your wanted several “18x12x12” cases we can probably have them freight shipped to you for half the cost. You can email me at Justin@vaughnwoodproducts.com with any questions.

Hickory Wood Chunks

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